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Seekers Camp Overview

We have been running summer camps since the early 1980's. Our goal has always been to introduce skills, techniques and tactics which would help these campers as they returned to their teams.

Just as important, we've been committed to running a camp which would show that we valued all campers, regardless of their ages or levels of accomplishment. Our coaches strive to encourage their group players in all aspects of the game and are vigilant about helping their campers maintain a high level of self confidence and self worth.

The best way to have a good look at our camp is by looking at our newsletters from our previous camp. Please feel free to have a good look by clicking on the following links.

Changes for Seekers Camp 2011

Seekers 2009 Post-Camp Newsletter.

Our two weeks of camp will run the first two full weeks of July following the end of the elementary school year. This year, our Junior Camp will be for campers still in elementary school next year. This is for girls going into Grade One to Grade Eight. Our week two camp is a repeat of week one. Campers coming for both weeks will work with a different coach on the same skills. This is for those who either love the camp experience or for those seriously interested in getting in maximum contacts during the summer.

Our Senior Camp is for girls who will be in high school next year. During our Week One Senior Camp, we'll work on individual skills, techniques, tactics and attitudes which will help the players in their school or club programs. Each day, we will end with games to utilize these new skills. This year, Week Two Camp will be totally different. We will work with a reduced number of athletes teaching game tactics, formations, offensive and defensive communication systems and game awareness. This will be a great followup to skills developed during our Week One camp. Week One is not a prerequisite for Week Two but would certainly prepare the campers for the team experience. Week Two is a three hour camp each day, either morning or afternoon. Campers who decide to attend both sessions will repeat the same team program. For more information on our Camp Structure, please click here.

As we do our best to have all campers meet many new friends, we will not intentionally place campers with their friends. There are many times during the day when friends will get together - large group instruction, warm-ups, lunchtime activities and games. At other times,we would like to see all campers develop the skills needed to meet others and enjoy the company of these new friends.

Our promise is that we will do everything we can to make sure each camper, from the youngest to oldest, from the least to the most experienced, from those close to home to those coming from far away, will leave with memories of a happy experience at camp as well as a belief that she has new knowledge and experience which will help her to be a better volleyball player in the new year.



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