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Seekers Camp Coaches

At camp, the first to be hired are former players. These very talented athletes have been involved in the running of our camps and clinics for many years. They also act as mentors for our other coaches.

The balance of our group coaches have come from our summer camp program. These are campers who have been with us for quite a few years and who have displayed not only competence in volleyball, but also a desire and ability to work with other campers. Before being invited to coach, we must be convinced that these young ladies will treat campers and other coaches with respect. We expect that they'll be able to memorize and follow plans well as they encourage all campers to improve in all aspects of their game. New coaches are paired with those more experienced to make the transition from camper to coach an easy one.

Many of our coaches are either in university or are university graduates. Those in high school usually work with our younger campers.

At all times, we have many adult co-ordinators at camp. Our club coaches will run all demonstration lessons and then will be available to assist our group coaches throughout the week. These club coaches are all former or present teachers or principals. We also have many others available to help run the camp as smoothly as possible. Two of these teachers will be looking for any camper who needs a little extra T.L.C. and will help all campers fit in. It's our goal to have every camper 'buying in' to our camping program as quickly as possible.

We cap our numbers at 120 campers per week. Our staff is generally in the neighbourhood of twenty-eight coaches and co-ordinators.

Coaches To Date : Seekers Camp 2011

The following are tentatively booked for this year's camp.
F. Lilliman
R. Luciani
A. Burns
M. Campanella
J. Crapsi
K. Tyrer
L. Ryerson
K. Flockhart



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