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Seekers Club Coaches

Stu McCarthy, an instrumentation co-ordinator at Dofasco, began coaching with the Seekers in 1987. Stu and his wife Debbie have four children, Paula, Michael, Chrissy and Kim. Paula played with the Seekers before joining the York University team.

Mike Campanella has been a coach in the Seekers club since our 1983-84 season. He is a retired elementary school principal who is also very involved in the sport of baseball.

Frank Lilliman, a retired elementary school teacher, began the club in the fall of 1978.

Rob Luciani, an elementary school teacher, began coaching with the Seekers in 1988. Rob and his wife Mary have five children, Greg, Michael, Christopher, Paul and Veronica.

Andy Burns first coached with the Seekers in our 1995-96 season. Andy is an elementary school teacher in Hamilton.





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