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Extras at Seekers Camp

Yes, we'll be 'doing' volleyball throughout each day, throughout the week. However, there will also be lots of opportunities for campers to try something new.

Each day at lunchtime, we'll have a variety of activities. Some will choose to do crafts. Others will take part in our beads program, a rewards program for completing new volleyball tasks. Others will take part in challenge games involving our group coaches.

Our younger Seekers campers enjoy our skit presentations which are presented Friday morning of each week.

Before camp each morning, a slide presentation will be available for all campers. The show starts at about 8:10 and ends at 8:30 when we begin our large group meeting. Pictures are taken every day and are shown to the early birds the following morning. Parents are most welcome to come and view the slides.

Each week of Seekers Camp we will offer a motivational section, a short talk suggesting ways our campers can improve in self-confidence and understanding of behaviours. These short talks are given in our large group meetings each day. A wall chart will provide a short synopsis of each day's talks.

For our older campers, Mr. Bob Peet will give a talk later in the week which will address the importance of working hard to achieve success in sports and in academics. Each year, he finds a new angle, doing his best to capture the imagination and the attention of our campers.

For the past couple of years, we've had a couple of musicians who have demonstrated that it's good to show your talents to others. We hope to continue with this tradition each year.

Campers will have the opportunity to write special notes in their blogs or journals throughout the day. They'll also receive photos and letters from their coaches at the end of the week. These are both excellent keepsakes, often treasured for years.


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