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Attitude at Seekers Camp

Now, this is an easy one.

We expect ALL co-ordinators, coaches and campers to treat each other with respect. We do have two co-ordinators ready to assist with anyone who has any trouble in this area.

All interaction is to be positive. Coaches will never raise their voices or talk in a demeaning manner to anyone else at camp. The same standard is expected from our campers.

At all times, we'll work on maintaining a fun atmosphere. This doesn't mean that we won't work hard. We'll do our best to maintain a pace which will allow for the maximum development of all campers. The nets will be set at an appropriate height to allow for the development of proper skill progression. The speed of drills will reflect the skill level of the campers.

We encourage all campers to ask questions and to make sure they understand everything they are being taught. We also encourage all campers to take part in demonstrations but no camper will be 'put on the spot'. We will use the word 'choice' often during the camp. Those who risk a little and make choices which may be a little uncomfortable (like volunteering to demonstrate a skill) soon find that they progress much more quickly.

No athlete is treated any differently than any other. Those with better skills coming into camp will be pushed to learn new skills. They will also have the opportunity to help others if that's their choice.

A positive attitude is contageous. A positive environment is a safe place of learning. We'll do our best to maintain both.


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