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Seekers Alumni

Seekers grads have attended many universities throughout Canada and the United States. The following list is incomplete but will be updated in the near future.

Kinga Muszynski (2004) Delaware State University, Delaware (link)
Renae Popovich (2004) Charleston Southern University, South Carolina (link)

Meghan Boyle (2003) Western Carolina University, North Carolina (link)
Candice Junor (2003) Genessee University, New York (link)
Kayla McLeod (2003) Fairleigh Dickenson University, New Jersey (link)
Emily McNabb (2003) Canisius University, New York (link)
Katie Robertson (2003) SUNY University at Binghamton, New York (link)
Carly Welch (2003) Fairleigh Dickenson University, New Jersey / McMaster U. (link)
Johari Williams (2003) University of South Florida, Florida (link)

Kathleen Lawlor (2002) University of Ottawa, Ottawa Ontario (link)
Mieka Jackson (2002) Auburn University, Alabama / McMaster U. (link)
Sarah Votruba (2002) University of Southern Mississippi / Stony Brook U., NY (link)
Melissa Votruba (2002) U. of Southern Mississippi / Stony Brook U., NY (link)
Leslie Robertson (2002)University of Southern Mississippi (link)

Kelly Doumas (2001) Fort Sumter College, Sumterville, Florida (link)
Lori Maloney (2001) University of Maine, Orono, Maine / McMaster U. (link)
Melissa Whaley (2001) University of Pittsburgh (link)
Nicole Trombetta (2001) McMaster University (link)
Sarah Vinall (2001) University of Pacific, Calif. (link)

Agnes Jankowski (2000) Indian River, FL / Mt Olive University, North Carolina (link)
Beth Lawlor (2000) Seton Hall University, New Jersey (link)
Lisa Cosentino (2000) University of Guelph (link)
Maria DiLivio (2000) University of Maryland (link)

Holly Strauss (1999) University of North Carolina (link)
Jennifer Davis (1999) University of Maryland, Baltimore County (link)
Lisa DiDiodato (1999) Marshall U. / Wilfrid Laurier University (link)

Kelly Boyle (1998) University of Ottawa Patricia Burns (1997) Ball State University (link)
Suzana Stojakovic (1997) Northeastern University Wendy Williams (1997) Marshall University
Perfection Powell (1997) Humber College Krista Davis (1996) Bowling Green University
Barbara Sheahan (1995) University of Missouri (link) Bina DiLivio (1995) McMaster University
Denyse Groen (1995) University of Tulsa Paula Prentice (1995) University of Illinois
Melanie Davis (1994)Miami of Ohio
University/ Mohawk College
Nancy Car (1994) McMaster University
Paula McCarthy (1991)
York University / Brock University
Mara Gazzola (1991) McMaster University
Tiffany Morris (1991) Kent State University Lesley Turner (1991)
Brock University / Niagara University
Cari Walsh (1991) McMaster University

GRADS - Our grads have now attended many universities throughout Canada and the
United States . . . Some of these are :

(Canada) McMaster University and Mohawk College in Hamilton, York, Brock, Queens, University of Toronto, Waterloo, Royal Military College, St. Francis Xavier (Nova Scotia), Sir Wilfrid Laurier, University of Guelph and the University of Ottawa.

(United States) Kent State and Bowling Green in Ohio, Ohio State, the University of Ohio, University of Pittsburgh, Central Florida and Indian River College
in Florida, the University of Missouri,
the University of Illinois, Northeastern in Boston,
Marshall in West Virginia, Ball State in Indiana,
the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, University of North Carolina, University of Maryland (College Park), Seton Hall University in New Jersey and the University of Maryland (Baltimore County) Fort Sumter College, Florida, University of Maine, University of Pacific, California.

Two players, Colleen Cupido and Audrey DiPronio, have gone on to play on the Canadian Senior National Team.

Grads : We'd like to start a "Where Are They Now?" page. Please contact us with an update, from the time you graduated until now. Add pictures if you wish. Send to Seekers Update.

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